Here's some images I have done using Bryce, Poser, Photoshop and others.
Colossus Capt. Atom Supes Blue V Supes Red Iron Maiden
Strange Visitor ver.1 Strange Visitr ver.2 Hal Jordan 2
GL Ring Rocket Ship Blue Wolf
NYC 3000 Camelot Comet Shower Snow Scene The Womb
Angel Of The Morning Angel Of The Morning B+W Tears The Stones Pyramid Sunset
Techno-Pyramids Reverance Wormhole Argent Aqua Lighthouse
The Pier The Piet at sunset The Glow
Ok, this one was done at the request of my mate, Mick.
He wanted a cover for his band, STONE.
I chose to do one for the song "Worse Than That".
Go to Stone's web site and download the MP3!!!
Worse Than That Cover


Meself and Pete (the other half of SELF-ABUSE COMICS-web-site coming soon!) wondered about who could be in a JLA movie. Not that crappy made-for-tv-but-was-so-bad-it-never-got-aired thing, but a proper, big budget movie.
We figured that Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry (Joey and Chandler from FRIENDS) would be perfect for the roles of Wally West (FLASH) and Kyle Rayner (GREEN LANTERN).
Or how about Lucy Lawless (XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS) as WONDER WOMAN? (This WW picture was made from a pic of Lucy from the cover of TV GUIDE and various Lynda Carter pics) See what you think:

The Guys! Chandler-Flash Xena-WW