DC Comics
DC Comics's homepage. Excellent site.

Marvel Comics
Because you can't have one without the other. Not great. Few pics.

Wizard On-Line
Wizard Magazine's homepage. This is a mag about comics, by the way. Very good site.

Comic Book Resources
One of the best sites out there! Huge and concise!! I recommend the Message Boards!

Wildstorm, ABC and Cliffhanger comics

Dreamwave Productions
The makers of DARK MINDS

Warren Ellis.Com

Comic Book Universe Battles!
They pit two (or more!) well known comics characters against each other and YOU GET TO VOTE!

Clem Clambake's Alex Ross Lounge
One of the best ALEX ROSS sites around. Loads of pics.

They're like Yahoo! but for comics..

The Heart Of The Dreaming
Brilliant Sandman Site

Sandman Images
Good collection of Images

Things That Make You Go AH!
A site with Adam Hughes art. Very cool.

Jason's JLA Page
Very well-constructed site.

Hero's Home
A site dedicated to my favorite character, COLOSSUS!

The Ultimate Generation X page
Just like the title says. This is the best.

The Ghostworks!
Keeping MARVEL 2099 alive.

The Unofficial Green Lantern Corps Web Page
AMAZING SITE!! Incredibly concise!! A must-see!

Swipe Of The Week Archive
From the GENESIS COMICS web-page comes this eye-opening look at some of the hottest pros in the business and thier "influences"!


The Linkcentre Search Engine !

Nice, friendly sort of Search Engine. Check it out.
(Click here to search out of frame)

The Linkcentre Search Engine !
(Click here to search in Frame)

The Ultimate Gateway
Another page of mine. A site of random links. Great if you're bored!

The Bill
Great UK Cop Show

The Virtual Irish Pub
Chat Room

Super-Hero Generator!
Extremly funny if you like that sort of thing!

Casey's Amazing Random Spin Game!
Brilliant!! Play It Now!

Are You Satan?
Do you think you might know someone who is? Find out here!!!!

The Surrealist Compliment Generator
This is hysterical!!! SO very weird!!

Rider's Realm
Really weird site but worth checking out for the links.

Transformers Web-Ring!
Dammit, I miss TRANSFORMERS. He's a whole load of sites keeping the dream alive.


Seanie's Page
A friend of mine

Stone Web
My Mate's band. They're great. Have a look.

Unofficial Pinhead Gunpowder page
A tribute to the band.

Behold! The unpredictability of: The Random Site!