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UPDATE (08-June-99)
Sorry it took so long, but here's some new reviews:

GENERATION X #54 was, as usual, a great comic!! Lots of fun with the usual gorgeous art. Spoilsport looks fab in this issue, and I definitely want to see more of her (so to speak!!). The story is the conclusion of the gang's trip to Madripoor to retreive a sword for Adrienne. Nice touch at the end when it's revealed that the sword was used to kill her husband. (Nicer touch was that Adrienne herself arranged to have him killed!!) A fast paced issue, but good nonetheless.

Not sure about HOURMAN # 5. This issue, he takes one of Rex Tyler's (the original Hourman) miraclo pills and he hallucinates. The story mixes modern art with the "flat" style of art from Rex's time. That was a nice touch. Our Hourman (EH?!) relieves one of Rex's early adventures and experiences his emotions from childhood to his unfortunate death at the hands of Extant (during ZERO HOUR). Amazo also returns this issue and kills a cat (Booo!! Hss!). Hourman recovers from his trip and faces the JLAndroids!! Robotic versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Plastic Man!! Nice enough story, but if you didn't read the first 4 issues, I don't how much sense this will make....

BATMAN:LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #120: This is it. The unmasking of Batgirl (to find out who she is, scroll to the NEWS section at the bottom the page!). It was a little undramatic, and a complete surprise. However, a the costume is filled by someone else by the end of this issue. A good read. Important, too. (For the cover, see: IMAGES)

PROMETHIA #1 was really good! A nice concept as to the origin of the Promethia power, although reminisent of The Sandman. The text at the end of the issue gave a great feeling of realism to the book. The story surrounds a girl's reaserch into the legend of Promethia and the startling discoveries she makes. This was a better first issue than TOM STRONG and well worth reading.

THE AUTHORITY #3 was, as usual, fantastic. The shock at the end of seeing hundreds of the super-human asassins flying through the sky was worth the cover price alone. As always, this somes with my highest recommendation. READ IT NOW!!

I was surprised how good 100 BULLETS #1 was. This is the new monthly book from Vertigo based of the question: If you could get away with murder, would you commit it? This first story centers around a former gang member named Dizzy who's family was gunned down in a drive-by. She's approached by the mysterious Agent Graves who gives her an attache case with the identity of the murderers, a gun with 100 rounds of ammo, and carte blanche immunity. Thankfully, this story isn't contained within one issue. I think it'll take about 3 issues before this arc is resolved. The only problem with this issue was the dialogue of the gang members. Lots of "ese"'s and "holmes". Made it hard to read. And annoying. Also, it'll be interesting to see if the series becomes focused on the identity of Agent Graves. If it does, it will detract from the premise of the book. Good readin', though. (For the cover, see IMAGES

FLASH #150 features the "death" of Wally West. It's the conclusion of the Chain Lightning story which pits The Flash against Cobalt Blue and The Anti-Monitor!! Excellent story, particularly for the end which shows a number of speedsters running through the speed force with the dialogue: "My name was Wally West. I was the fastest man alive". Brilliant!! Really moving!! This issue also introdues the new "Silver Flash", leading to the big mystery for the next few months; Who is he?! This issue has gotten me interested in The Flash again, and I will be buying it for the forseeabe future. (oh, except for the next issue, which is a flash-back story to the Wally's days as Kid Flash) (For the covers of #150 and #152, see: IMAGES)

UPDATE (18-May-99)

GENERATION X #53 was really good!! Jay has totally got to grips with these characters!! And I was stunned by how good the art was! I used to hate Terry Dodson's artwork but he's easily one of my favorite artists now. The Rising Sons were ok characters. The coolest being Spoilsport who skates up walls on roller blades! Sounds lame, I know, but Terry renders her SO well! And in this issue we finally get to see where Penance is!! (In the basement, but hey, she's there!) There's also a wonderful scene between the Frost sisters. The bottom line is GENERATION X is good again!!

I was surprised by how good TOM STRONG #2 was. It was actually an enjoyable read! The best part being Tom's apperance on the...well, I'll not ruin it. Read it and see. (Does anyine else get the impression that TOM STRONG was developed in conjunction with a toy company? Hmmm.....)

MAGNETO REX #3 was really dull. But at least it ended well. (SPOILER: He keeps Genosha)

HOURMAN #5 was Ok. It was his showdown with Epoch. I'm not sure whether or not to keep buying this. I haven't NOT enjoyed the series so far but I don't love it either. We'll see what the next arc is like.

Oh.. JLA: YEAR ONE Trade Paperback is a GREAT read!! Not only is it moderatly priced (cheaper that buying the actual series and you know Marvel would have charged a fortune!) and lots of pages but this shows occasional sparks of brilliance such as Aquaman having an accent (something that never occured to me before) and mumbling because sounds travels better underwater. Excellent. I strongly recommend this.

X-MEN MOVIE NEWS: Freddy Prinze Jr. is WOLVERINE. Patrick Stewart is PROF.X (hopefully), Sir Ian McKellum is MAGNETO and Angela Basset is STORM (yay!! Love her!!). The New Batgirl was: HUNTRESS! The New New Batgirl is: MUTE CHICK!! She's the daughter of super-assassin, Cain! She can't speak!! I have no idea either!!

Hal Jordan may be returning this year as The Spectre?! Yep, that's the hot rumour at the moment. More info as I get it.


The results of the first survey are in!! (Finally!!)
I asked: Who do you think will be killed off in JLA?
You said:
AZTEK: 37%
STEEL: 16%

So ye reckon Aztek and Zauriel are for the chop, eh? Me, too....


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